So, we have to run this disclaimer:  we are not, never have been, or probably ever will be electricians.  This said, when we received a complimentary Cruise Control Set from John Deere we thought "how hard can this be?"  D'oh!  

The above scene about sums up how our evening went.  I felt like the intern doctor learning about brain surgery from Doctor's Sig and Ed of the Blue Heeler Memorial Neurosurgery Clinic.  Honestly I think Edgar understood more of the instructions than I did.  It did help once I found the English section and realized that even though the instructions were about 3/4" thick total there was only 5 pages in each various language. 
The above photo is of the wiring harness looking all nice and neat before I got my oil and dirt coated hands on it.  I have a new-found respect for that guy on car shows who installs wires now.  We also now know that Sigurd needs to be banished from the shop area when working on delicate surgeries, ah, installations.  He found the small rubber covered switch and thought it needed some improvements.  One half-circle tear and 1/2 cup of dog slobber later, we noticed what he was doing and quickly informed him that Ed was now our favorite Heeler. 

Anyways, after some arguing and discussion, we had all the switches installed.  In the right place?  We weren't sure.  So about
11:00 that night Ben took it for a test drive.  By golly, IT WORKS! 

We are pretty tickled and even decided to keep Sigurd and possibly forgive him. 




Buffalo's annual Fair and Rodeo Parade was last weekend and B2 Lawncare was there in full force!  It was a perfect morning for a parade and great to see so many people turn out for it.  There were over 80 entries - holy moley! 

One lesson we learned: Bring More Candy.  Next year, we promise to not run out of the goodies!  With the return of the 2305 Tractor we used it and the LA 165 as our entry.  Simple and fun. 

Now, on to the Christmas parade in December ...