We are already at daylight savings time.  Winter has come and gone.  No, not really - winter will hang around for a while perhaps.  In the meantime, are you ready for summer lawncare?  Remember that we do more than mowing!  We will trim, fertilize, spray weeds, dethatch, and more. 
Summer is gone.  Buh-bye sunny, warm days of mowing.  Hello leaf clean-up!  As is the tendency, Summer went so quickly it almost seems we have missed it.  The air is now crisp and chilly and the autumn trees are gorgeous along the banks of Clear Creek. 

There have been some minor equipment improvements in the B-2 fleet.  The 2305 JD has recieved an upgrade of new work lights (front and back), front weights, and a removable aftermarker cab to keep the snow out of the operator's face this winter.  The 3320 JD has also gotten new work lights and rear wheel weights.
So I cannot tell if the video I tried to link, actually linked.  It is a fun remake of the song Brand New Key - called here Combine Harvester and sang by The Wurzels.  We love it! 
This has to be one of the rainiest Springs in Buffalo in a long, long time.  Days of rain, mixed with snow have resulted in many soggy yards and not a lot of mowing going on.  The moisture is great, especially for those lawns that have recently been aereated and fertilized, but we could go for some sunshine! 

Attached are a couple photos from the Small Business Expo, a shot of the line-up, and - enjoy!
Tomorrow (Friday, March 25, 2011) and Saturday (March 26, 2011),  we will be at the Johnson County Fairgrounds with a booth for the Small Business Expo.

Come check out all of the participating local business's and be sure to say hello at our booth!
Early morning snow plowing at a local business.  Please excuse the background music over the narration .... somebody definitely enjoys the in-cab radio system.  And 80's rock. 
After much ado, we received our new 3320 John Deere tractor with loader today.  There are a few minor changes to come on the tractor - such as new wheels and a blade, but in the meantime, we can easily move snow with the loader bucket.  There are many words to describe the cab - awesome, cushy, plush, warm, and wonderful come to mind.  After spending a few winters in the open, having a wind-blocking cab is terrific and having a cab with a heater is even better than that. 

We will be able to add more items to our list of services offered thanks to the 3320.  Corral-cleaning, small dirtwork projects, gravel driveway projects, pasture fertilization, and more!  We are certainly enjoying the snow we have received this winter but are also looking forward to spring and summer projects. 
So, until our new tractor arrives soon, we have this loaner to use on snow.  The loader has been fantastic for moving snow piles around.  After our recent few good snows, folks have piles around their parking lots or driveways so the timing was perfect.  Ben gives a "tour" of the cab in the video below.  Enjoy :)
We have had a great winter 2011 so far.  Enough snow to keep everybody busy, and even enough to make us all wonder where we're going to put it next time the white stuff falls.  Fortunately, some places are easier than others, such as the place in the above video. 

We are looking forward to the Johnson County Small Business Expo which is scheduled for Friday March 25 and Saturday March 26 at the Johnson County Fairgrounds.  Last year we had great opportunities to meet people, discuss services we offer, and get to know some of the other small business's in the area.  Plan to come see us this year - we even plan to have a small prize drawing! 

More photos below for your winter snow enjoyment!
this youtube video below (Not made by b2lawncare) is of a song called "It Snowed" by Meaghan Smith.  This song is our new themesong!  It started snowing yesterday and continued off and on today.  We plowed yesterday afternoon, then began plowing this morning at 4:15.  Some places had to be done twice because it stopped then snowed again.  Good grief!  But, we love it!
Load and unload ...