We have had a great winter 2011 so far.  Enough snow to keep everybody busy, and even enough to make us all wonder where we're going to put it next time the white stuff falls.  Fortunately, some places are easier than others, such as the place in the above video. 

We are looking forward to the Johnson County Small Business Expo which is scheduled for Friday March 25 and Saturday March 26 at the Johnson County Fairgrounds.  Last year we had great opportunities to meet people, discuss services we offer, and get to know some of the other small business's in the area.  Plan to come see us this year - we even plan to have a small prize drawing! 

More photos below for your winter snow enjoyment!
Laurie Quade
4/17/2011 01:45:36 am

Well, it took me awhile to figure out how to get to your website, but what a fun site! I loved the videos, especially the parade and baby
Greta, of course, and also of Ben posing on his mountain of snow! I hope one winter we have snow in Cody.... Congratulations on your new John Deere tractor. Makes me think of that Judd's song....


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