Well, what snow we have had, we have moved.  Buffalo, WY, has definitely not been heavy-hit with the white stuff but we are keeping our fingers crossed to get more. 

The photo below demonstrates that while a snowblower is effective at moving snow, it is also great at covering the operator.  Maybe some adjustment is needed ...

Buffalo's Winter/Christmas Parade is always a fun time, but this year was even better because it wasn't freeze-your-butt-off cold!  B2 entered a "float" with a trailer being pulled by the 2305.  We had a few equipment malfunctions which resulted in no lights (darnit!) but that disappointment was more than made up for by the good time we had with family and friends.  It was great to see so many people turn out to view and support parade entries! 

The fire, roaring for a brief minute!


Starting a fire can be difficult

Ben and I before the parade with Sig and Eddie


At the end of the parade

the parade crew: Ben, Greta, Sam, Ashley, and Patrick!

Sorry about the shakiness of the movies ... I am not exactly the best cinematographer! 
The 2305 with a sub-soiler attachment
The 2305 was recently used for some "wannabe" farming when we had a request for fall rototilling.  The ground was so hard and compressed having been used as horse pasture for a number of years that it required the sub-soiler before the rototiller.  It was a fun project though to accomplish. 

Newly fabricated hitch set up.  Still needs to be painted for finishing, but already has come in handy for moving the trailer around and pulling and adjusting the large aerator. 

The fleet ... 

Mowing season is definitely slowing down, but not quite over.  This last Monday we had both the LA 165 and the 2305 running at the same time which certainly improved our efficiency.  Since Fall is definitely around the corner, we are gearing up for the leaf removal season.  For those of you with trees, keep us in mind to clean out your yard.  We can make it one less thing for you to worry about before Winter gets here.  Not that I personally want Winter just yet, but we all know it will be here before we've reconciled ourselves to Summer being over.   

Check out our page on Leaf Collection for more information. 

So, we have to run this disclaimer:  we are not, never have been, or probably ever will be electricians.  This said, when we received a complimentary Cruise Control Set from John Deere we thought "how hard can this be?"  D'oh!  

The above scene about sums up how our evening went.  I felt like the intern doctor learning about brain surgery from Doctor's Sig and Ed of the Blue Heeler Memorial Neurosurgery Clinic.  Honestly I think Edgar understood more of the instructions than I did.  It did help once I found the English section and realized that even though the instructions were about 3/4" thick total there was only 5 pages in each various language. 
The above photo is of the wiring harness looking all nice and neat before I got my oil and dirt coated hands on it.  I have a new-found respect for that guy on car shows who installs wires now.  We also now know that Sigurd needs to be banished from the shop area when working on delicate surgeries, ah, installations.  He found the small rubber covered switch and thought it needed some improvements.  One half-circle tear and 1/2 cup of dog slobber later, we noticed what he was doing and quickly informed him that Ed was now our favorite Heeler. 

Anyways, after some arguing and discussion, we had all the switches installed.  In the right place?  We weren't sure.  So about
11:00 that night Ben took it for a test drive.  By golly, IT WORKS! 

We are pretty tickled and even decided to keep Sigurd and possibly forgive him. 
Buffalo's annual Fair and Rodeo Parade was last weekend and B2 Lawncare was there in full force!  It was a perfect morning for a parade and great to see so many people turn out for it.  There were over 80 entries - holy moley! 

One lesson we learned: Bring More Candy.  Next year, we promise to not run out of the goodies!  With the return of the 2305 Tractor we used it and the LA 165 as our entry.  Simple and fun. 

Now, on to the Christmas parade in December ...
a gorgeous, shiny green 2305 arrived last week and quickly left again.  The tractor needs some adjustments to the mower deck before we can use it so it's back at the JD Dealership.  Disappointing, but better to have a perfect cut. 

After such a wet, cool spring we have definitely hit summer with high temperatures and drying grass.  Gotta keep those sprinklers running!  But, if you're a local resident - be sure to follow the water restrictions in city limits. 

Havin' a great summer so far!
Well folks, we aren't big on blogging so don't expect weekly updates.  We do think this could be a good way to update everybody with the little things. 

We're calling this the doghouse because Ed and Sig (shown at right) are about as recognizable as our business these days.  Often Ed will be seen around town while somebody is fertilizing or digging holes - we call Ed our mascot.  

Summer is cruising by faster than motorcycles on the interstate and we are busy keeping up with mowing, fertilizing and the odd cleanup job. 

A new addition will be coming to B2 soon - in the form of a John Deere 2305.  We will definitely be posting photos!
Stay tuned ...